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“Version 1” Name: ___________________________ Lab TA: ___________________________ CHEZ 301 First Organic Lab Test October 5, 2005 For each of the following questions, mark the correct answer on the answer sheet. Each correct answer is worth 4 (four) points. 1. A sample of a solid compound is found to be impure. What method should be used to purify the solid? a. recrystallization * b. simple distillation c. fractional distillation d. vacuum filtration 2. An organic solid (final product) is suspended in an aqueous solution. How should the solid be collected? a. simple distillation b. fractional distillation c. vacuum filtration * d. gravity filtration 3. What is the purpose of using charcoal during a recrystallization? a. to dry the solution b. to remove colored impurities * c. to act as boiling chips d. to lower the boiling point of the solvent 4. A solid is soluble in cold acetone, hot acetone and hot pet ether. The solid is insoluble in cold pet ether, cold water, hot water, cold methanol and hot methanol. What solvent should be used to recrystallize the solid? a. acetone b. pet ether * c. water d. methanol 5. 0.500 g of a solid is recrystallized from an appropriate solvent. 0.300 g of purified solid is obtained. What is the % recovery? a. 30% b. 60% * c. 40% d. 67% 1
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6. A sample is composed of 2 neutral liquid compounds. One compound has a boiling point of 80 o C and the other has a boiling point of 95 o C. How should the liquids be separated? a.
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Test 1 - 1"Version 1 Name Lab TA CHEZ 301 First Organic Lab...

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