PSB01-08 - depression and other disorders neural structure...

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PSB3340 8 January 2008 Professor David Smith, Ph.D. - T.A. Sridhar Srinivasan - What is behavioural neruoscience? - correlation between biology and behaviour - nature of the mind Is the mind a piece of the brain? Dualism: holds that the body is physical and the mind not Monism: argues that the body and mind are both physical, the same substance These arguments are characterized by the nature of the mind and how it controls brain  function and behaviour as a result of its nature. Structure and Function of Cells in CNS (will be discussed next lecture) - how neurons generate resting potentials, communicate from one cell to another neurotransmission - signals sent by diffusion changes in neurons  - learning is a change in cell-to-cell communication - pathological changed can explain schizophrenia (dopamin neurotransmission--too much), 
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Unformatted text preview: depression, and other disorders- neural structure changes when the myelin changes, i.e. scoliosis Pharmacology--alcohol, drugs, chocolate Perception and Behaviour: function of senses is to inform the brain of existing environmental conditions to guide behaviour- one of the most critical functions of the nervous system is to determine current environmental conditions Vision- structure and function- colour- perception and movement- changes- colour vision and plant adaptations (Kopi Luwak) Auditory System- structure and function Chemical senses- smell Emotions The Expression of th Emotions in Man and Animals, Charles Darwin Ingestion- societal/ biological factours Learning- long-term potientiation Schizophrenia and Affective Disorders...
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PSB01-08 - depression and other disorders neural structure...

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