Negative Imagery and Personification

Negative Imagery and Personification - Joshua Mays E318L...

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Joshua Mays E318L Negative Imagery and Personification in Indian Boarding School Louise Erdrich’s struggle to come to terms with the tension in her life as a Native American has often been exposed in her poetry. In the poem Indian Boarding School , she personifies nature and human invention with images of struggle and frustration to match the similar feelings of the underlying narrative voice of the poem. Critics have said of this device to be lacking certain politicism, but her soft exposure of the issues reveals her more feminine struggle. The title and subtitle, Indian Boarding School: The Runaways , can be misleading without the subtext of the life of American Indians. At first glance, it may seem that the narrator wishes to run away from the past, but upon the second, the reader realizes that it is a wish to return Home. “Home is the place we head for in sleep” (line 1) sums this up perfectly. In sleep, in fantasy, in their only escape from life, they return Home. But even in their fantasies they are trapped; even in dreams the trains “don’t wait for us” (line 3). This is their Home.
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Negative Imagery and Personification - Joshua Mays E318L...

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