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Pairing Absurd with Ordinary

Pairing Absurd with Ordinary - Joshua Mays E 318L Pairing...

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Joshua Mays E 318L Pairing Absurd with Ordinary In “Welcome to Hiroshima”, Mary Jo Salter approaches this tragedy of the Japanese people with a biting criticism of the action and reaction—or how we brush over this act so easily with the brush of forgetfulness and repair. She pairs the unnatural, inhuman feeling created by utter destruction with the resulting unnatural westernization of Japan; also, she uses repetition to force us to remember exactly what the West has tried to make us forget: the importance of the deed. She begins the poem with a powerful juxtaposition of “Welcome to Hiroshima” and its presentation “in living English”(ll. 1-2); the Japanese people and spirit are dead, while we, the West, have invaded and live on as the ad hoc replacements. Every line of this first stanza screams about the new country that has been forced to rise from the ashes, forgetful of by whom they were sent to ash. She continues to describe this coat of
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