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Midterm Essay - Joshua Mays English 2323-09 Frankenstein:...

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Joshua Mays English 2323-09 Frankenstein: As the daughter of the early, famed feminist Mary Wollstonecraft and anarchist philosopher William Godwin, one would expect Mary Shelley to also be renowned for literature. Obviously she did reach this status; otherwise this paper would be similar to the “Where are they now?” specials about child television stars. Through her most famous work, Frankenstein , Mary Shelly used the female characters and their limited, but important roles as a commentary on the state of feminism and the common social status they were allotted. Also, in this novel, she uses the odd male characters for similar means. Justine, the poor, falsely accused and executed adopted child of the Frankensteins is a perfect example of the unjust treatment of women. Though her story only takes up a few pages of this text, her impact is felt throughout the entire novel through the effect on Victor’s emotions. Shown to be a caring and compassionate figure her entire life, this did not acquit her of the false murder charges. The improbability of her murdering William meant nothing in the male ruled court system in place. A single piece of evidence, although very incriminating, seemed to hold more weight than the gruesome effects on William’s corpse—the deep, black choke marks on his neck, which could not have been inflicted by the hands of a small girl. Two similar situations befell Victor; in the case of the murder of his friend Henry Clerval he was absolved of guilt seemingly because he was simply afflicted with illness, and in the case of Elizabeth’s murder, in which he would be the only suspect, no suspicion was raised about his involvement
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Midterm Essay - Joshua Mays English 2323-09 Frankenstein:...

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