Environment And Religion

Environment And Religion - Joshua Mays GRG305 Adams...

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Joshua Mays GRG305 – Adams Ecological Philosophy It is a difficult process for an atheist to decide how he feels towards the environment. There is no idea of holiness towards mountains; no gods held court atop Olympus, and the Ten Commandments were not given by divine utterance atop Mount Sinai. The few personal connections to nature I feel are the following: the beauty I see created by the existence of everything—“good” or “evil”, constructive or destructive processes, etc; and my belief that humans are nothing more than one of the infinite number of organisms that has inhabited or will ever inhabit this life-supporting ecosystem. These two ideas are at the center of this struggle for me. I have to preface the delineation of this belief in beauty by defining it appropriately. The idea behind this term is my acceptance and personal awe at how the environment has been changed throughout history. This should be interpreted as a feeling of disconnection between destruction and its negative connotations. Focusing on
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Environment And Religion - Joshua Mays GRG305 Adams...

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