In Defense of the Master Morality

In Defense of the Master Morality - you’re close, will...

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Joshua Mays Philosophy 301 What is the most influential basic drive in human morality? I won’t try to argue that the Will to Power is the only influence on how we act, but that this drive should be the most important in our decision making. The Will to Power is a universal characteristic of human nature. The drive to dominate one’s surrounding environment is concerned only with the promotion of the self. Instead of allowing decisions to be made by how they will affect others feelings and how you will be viewed afterwards by others, one should strive to act with only his own wellbeing and promotion in mind. You cannot expect others to be concerned with your wellbeing; you cannot expect that they will have the same compassion towards you in return. It is possible to assume that perhaps a stranger, or even someone with whom
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Unformatted text preview: you’re close, will not harm you unprovoked; but, there are too many exceptions to this assumption to trust it. As pessimistic and hedonistic as it is, self-preservation and self-consideration are all someone can trust, if we truly cannot know anything but what is of our own minds. But, assuming the universality of the Will to Power is true, it would be foolish to sacrifice your feelings, wellbeing, dominance, or pleasures to placate someone else. How can one assume that everyone, or at least a majority of people, allows their own Will to Power to dictate their life? Being compassionate, helping others, maintaining order: all of these things are considered to be “good” and...
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