2015 ACCY2001 Fall Midterm I A solutions

2015 ACCY2001 Fall Midterm I A solutions - Intro Financial...

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Intro Financial Accounting (ACCY2001) Mid-Term Exam 1 a Professor Youli Zou October 6, 2015 Name ____________________________ Section: 9:35 AM Class / 11:10 AM Class / 2:20 PM Class (Please circle) General Instructions: Please follow the George Washington University’s Honor System. If a student is found to have violated the Honor System, no matter what sanction is imposed by the Honor System, the instructor is authorized to give the student a grade of “F” in the course. 1. You have 1 hour and 10 minutes to complete the exam. 2. This exam is closed book. Please use the calculator provided. 3. Please check that you have all the pages. Do not begin until instructed to do so . 4. If a question is ambiguous, write your assumptions on the exam along with your answer. You will receive credit provided your assumptions are necessary and reasonable . 5. Write your answers neatly in the space provided. 6. You must turn in your exam packet before you leave, even if you don’t want to have it graded. 7. Exams written in pencil will not be considered for a re-grade. Use a pen if you think you might submit your exam for a re-grade request. 8. Review the complete exam in order to allocate your time appropriately. 9. Good luck! Page 1 of 13
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