In Dubious Battle

In Dubious Battle - Josh Preston History 203 In Dubious...

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History 203 In Dubious Battle 3-13-2008 Nearing the end of the nineteenth century, the United States of America began the notorious and historical Industrial Revolution, where hundred of thousands were put to work and big business was king. The work was long, unsafe, exhausting and pay was just enough to get by every day. Decades later, these aspects and more sparked a continuous movement towards worker rights that would sweep across the nation. John Steinbeck’s In Dubious Battle flawlessly depicts this radical movement through a highly descriptive journey towards the reformation of manual labor. Although it may be a work of fiction, this novel shows how regular citizens, such as Jim Nolan, were able to fight for what they believed in without knowing for certain the overall outcome. Little did they know that they would be playing a major role in the reorganization of labor, molding the laws that would change the nation forever. The journey truly begins just as Jim and Mac decide to travel downstate where the apple season was drawing near. Many “sympathizers”, as Steinbeck calls them, are found when the two reach their location. Using strong, yet secretive propaganda to convert the undecided, Jim and Mac worked along side the apple pickers in the fields of Torgas Valley, California. For example, when the men are at the first campsite, Mac sympathizes with the workers for a good first impression. “S’pose we don’t let nobody else pick ‘em,” 1 said Mac after the men expressed their anger at the low wages. It did not
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In Dubious Battle - Josh Preston History 203 In Dubious...

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