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Amanda Osborne Psych 530 Homework 1 April 3, 2007 Character: SHREK Perspective: Psycho-evolutionary Shrek originally says he wants to live alone and kicks Donkey out of his swamp because he wants to remain alive; he is the fittest, he will survive and protect what is his. He does this by not allowing others to be on his swamp, like when all of the Fairy Tale creatures are relocated to his swamp. Shrek realizes that he is the strongest again when he is slaying the dragon. He is the most well adapted to the situation and has the speed and quickness to defeat the dragon and save Fiona. On the journey home, Shrek realizes that he must continue his race and begins to search for a mate. Who is better suited than Fiona? Fiona is gorgeous, sweet and is also a good match because she can survive. Shrek, wanting to combine his good traits with another good set of traits falls for Fiona and tries to “woo” her to bear his offspring. His attraction to Fiona causes Shrek to be jealous of Lord Fahquad and Shrek, as a result, saves the day to win Fiona. In the future,
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