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Writing Assignment 1 - Autumn 2007 November 7, 2007 Amanda...

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Autumn 2007 Amanda Osborne November 7, 2007 Psych 540 Dr. Alisa Pauslen The theoretical orientation I will mainly be using is the Client-Centered Theory while incorporating the ideals of Existential-Humanistic Theory. When these two are used together, they can be quite effective. The three roles of Client-Centered Therapy will be especially important with Lin when considering her Chinese background. It is important for her to know that no matter how well or how poorly she does in school, it will not affect the fact that I accept and respect her as a person. This non-possessive warmth is necessary because she seems as though she does not feel this type of understanding from her parents. In order for therapy to be effective with Lin, I must also be able to be empathetic towards her. While I may have no problem telling my parents that I no longer want to be a doctor, her upbringing and mind set is entirely different from mine and as a good therapist, I need to make her aware that I am putting myself in her shoes to understand where she is coming from. The third role, genuineness, will also be very important because Lin must
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Writing Assignment 1 - Autumn 2007 November 7, 2007 Amanda...

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