The onion - also has AID’s, and the only way to cure them...

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Jeremy Hansen Assignment 7 Boredom relief for stupid people? What the fuck is wrong with some people. Are there really people out there that value an animal’s life more then that of humans? The answer is yes, and generally these people are stay at home, caffeine addicted, bored, and for a better word lazy mom’s. So these “people” decide to spend their free time trying to rescue rats and other rodents from medical labs instead of trying to save small starving children around the world. Last time I checked a rat was a rat, the infectious disease ridden annoyance of the world, and s starving child was still a human in need of help; and for one minute, lets think what if this starving child
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Unformatted text preview: also has AID’s, and the only way to cure them of the AID’s is a drug found by testing on animals. So in a round about way these anti medical animal testing groups are murdering people, innocent, defenseless people. Why, you might ask? Like I said earlier, they are just lazy; they don’t want to put the effort into helping humans, just the little bit of effort to put humans on pause in our advancement of medicine. All I have to say is fuck that! If you are one of these “people” I was talking about reading this, I hope that you contract one of these diseases without a cure, and learn your own humility. Peace J-Bone...
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