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Working at Wendys - husband to his wife People take for...

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After reading the article “Working at Wendy’s”, I believe he was trying to convey that no one is above you for the work you do. It’s actually a pretty deep article. What I got from it was more of a feeling of ones pride. Yet, it is also about not passing judgment on someone. When he talked about the man in the restroom who asked him about college it hit closer to home. He said that he could see the man thought that he was just another high school dropout. He swallowed his pride and just agreed with the man about going to college, even though his top four in his class. Working at Wendy’s is not his life career, nor was it a mistake. He did what he needed to do to support his son, and be a good
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Unformatted text preview: husband to his wife. People take for granted their children and spouses sometimes, and are to prideful to do anything about it. He brought up his friend; whose kids were in the scouts with him, the friend did not pass any judgment, or talk to him in a condescending way. The friend was a person who has known the value of work and family. The point I took from the argument was that people pass judgment on you all the time, but do not be too prideful to just do what you need to do, and specially do not let anything or anyone feel like they are above you because of the work they are doing, or because of the things they own. Happiness is what you make it basically....
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