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history paper - To Smithsonian Museum Curator Mr Trevor...

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To: Smithsonian Museum Curator, Mr . Trevor Spearhead From: Chris Keroack, Exhibit Head In order to accurately display the exhibit portraying “the Bomb”, I feel as though we should give truthful information as to how and why it was decided to be used . I believe it is necessary that we inform the public so that they get the full picture on what went on in the meeting that led up to dropping the bomb and to dispel all the myths that have recently arose . The main focus here is to teach people the facts of the exhibit and not let our patrons leave asking why . In short, I believe that we should include an explanation of the events that led up to the dropping of the bomb. We should talk about Einstein’s warning letter to the US, the mythological constructs about the decisions to drop the bomb, and the emanating threat of communism being a factor in that decision. In 1939, Professor Einstein sent a letter to President Roosevelt that gave notice of Nazi Germany’s possible research of nuclear fission directed at making some sort of mammoth bomb . In this letter, he also advised that the US begin its own research in the field of nuclear technology . Without this forwarded information provided by Einstein, the S-1 project would never have gotten under way . On July 1, 1941, the Advisory Committee of the Office of Scientific Research and Development officially became the S-1 project as a part of the NDRC (National Defense Research Committee) . Then on December 18, 1941, a meeting was held where the S-1 project
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dedicated themselves to the development of a uranium bomb . The S-1 project soon became the Manhattan Project and shortly there after the U . S . Army took over all
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history paper - To Smithsonian Museum Curator Mr Trevor...

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