exam_3_study_guide - Crackdown on drugs (1980s)...

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Study Guide Exam 3 Ch. 12 Sales tax Property tax Estate tax Education funding Progressive v. Regressive taxation User fees Intergovernmental transfers Municipal bonds State and local government expenditures Recent problems with sales taxes; Florida sales tax Tax effort and tax capacity Ch. 13 Charter schools School voucher programs National PTA (also chapters) NEA, AFT Home schooling Sources of school funding (levels of government) Departments of education School boards Ikenberry (2005, “Higher Ed: Dangers of an Unplanned Future”) changes in public university funding from states Measuring high school graduation rates Open territory states Adoption states Use of lotteries to fund education Ch. 14 Recidivism
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Unformatted text preview: Crackdown on drugs (1980s) Professional v. community policing Death Penalty Georgia prison system at the time of Burns conviction, resolution of Burns legal status ( I Am a Fugitive From a Georgia Chain Gang! foreword by Mancini) I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang movie, second escape Rights and duties of juries Wilson and Kelling Rockefeller drug laws Trends in incarceration and crime rates Common law Ch. 15 Managed care Medicare Medicaid AFDC v. TANF State autonomy or lack thereof in health and welfare benefits SCHIP Changes in AFDC beneficiairies over time Patients bill of rights Trends in Medicaid expenditures over time Medicaid financing...
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exam_3_study_guide - Crackdown on drugs (1980s)...

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