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1. Swamp Monster, Inc. (SMI) has a relatively high turnover rate among its new employees. Recently, the human resource department conducted a series of interviews with employees who were choosing to leave SMI after a short period of time. It was concluded that unmet expectations were the primary reason these people were leaving so soon. SMI can begin to solve this problem by emphasizing Student Response 1. employment-at-will. 2. the use of realistic job previews. 3. affirmative action. 4. better training and development. 5. external recruiting. Score: 1/1 2. The implementation of strategies to put the right people in the right jobs, make the best use of employee talent and skills, and develop human capital for the future is referred to as: Student Response 1. mentoring. 2. workforce optimization. 3. none of these. 4. performance appraisal. 5. cross-training. Score: 1/1 3. Ellen's Pottery has a policy of NOT promoting from within. As a result, they rarely use
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Student Response 1. job posting. 2. internal recruiting. 3. job openings on the Internet. 4. job announcements in company publications. 5. all of these. Score: 1/1 4. Which of the following is NOT a method used in external recruiting? Student Response 1. Private employment agencies 2. Employee resource chart 3. State employment services 4. Newspaper advertising 5. Employee referrals Score: 1/1 5. A(n) __________ typically lists job duties as well as desirable qualifications for a particular job. Student Response 1. job description 2. assessment test 3. OJT 4. application form 5. paper-and-pencil test Score: 1/1 6.
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In the new workplace, __________ are people who work for an organization, but not on a permanent or full-time basis. Student Response
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