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kinships - sister Women of my mother’s patraline So on...

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Kinships: Kinterms- a reflection of how you relate to other people. Many times these do not go over cultural boundaries. Inuit system: splitting going on in the nuclear family. Also practive nelocality, which means moving in a new location that may not be near a family but rather for economic purposes. Also is a bilateral system that is seen through both men and women equally (the way you see families) The USA uses this system. In a bilateral system people create a kindred. Lineage is land owning. Omaha system: use of extended families. Unilineral system which means you will only be realted to people either through women or through men. In this system the realtives of the father is only recognized. Uncles are called fathers. So it is sometimes called father of my lineage. You respect the men higher than you as a father. Cousisns no longer exist and they are now all siblings (brother and
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Unformatted text preview: sister). Women of my mother’s patraline. So on mom’s side all the females even the women are all called mother because the woman’s side does not have political authority. Ego is the person being interviewed, the gender sometimes does not matter. This is considered when you make a kinship diagram. Murdoc say: In kinships we do lumping. Like with cousin. You may have a lot but you lump them under the same term. Affine- married in Consanguine- uncles (blood) Fictive kinship- like godfather, makes a relative or a person a special network. He also says that people do splitting. Like with brother. You label someone because that term means something in society. Monogamy- people now usually have a series of monogamous relationships. Polygamy- multiple relationships Polygyny- one man having multiple wives Poly andy- woman having multiple husbands...
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