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Chapter Seven Notes

Chapter Seven Notes - Chapter Seven Deviance and Social...

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Chapter Seven: Deviance and Social Control Deviance and Social: 1) What is Deviance? Doing things the violate the norms of society Doesn’t have to be criminal 2) What is Social Control? Deviance is dealt with through social control Deviance and Biology: 1) the biological context Said you had a certain genetic make up or a predisposition to be deviant 2) Research on Crime and Biology There is no link between genetic make up and crime or deviance 3) Critical Evaluation Personality Factors and Deviance: 1) Socialization and Deviance Commit deviance because they weren’t socialized properly… but socialization happens all throughout life 2) Reckless and Dinitz Did research on physiological approach 3) Critical Evaluation While there is some evidence, there isn’t enough Sociological Foundations of Deviance: 1) Deviance will vary by culture Some things that are deviant here might be not be somewhere else
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