Chapter Five Notes

Chapter Five Notes - October 16 Chapter 5: Social Structure...

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Unformatted text preview: October 16 Chapter 5: Social Structure and Society Society and Social Interaction: Society: a group of people who interact within in a defined territory also, people who share the same cultural vales Social Interaction: it’s the process of how people act and/or react in relation to others Status: Status: its you’re social position in society. Not always positive Going to determine who you are in relation to others Going to guide your behavior Status set: more than one status set Female, teacher, wife mother Can move in and out of social positions Some statuses and became less/more important Ascribed and Achieved Status: Ascribed Status: status your born with or acquire involuntarily later on in life Gender and race, accident – mobility whatever Achieved Status: a status that you earn Don’t always have to be positive Occupation, level of education Ascribed statues can determine what your achieved statuses will be A mixture of statuses: ascribed and achieved Master Status: Which status you view as most important Can change, disappear, depend on situation Status at school is teacher; status at home is mother 1) Effect of the master status: Shape your entire life 2) Master Status: The Good, The Bad: Doctor, good Physical handicapped, bad Roles: Role: a set of guideless and behaviors in order to be in a certain status Doctor: seeing patients, prescribing medicine, etc....
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Chapter Five Notes - October 16 Chapter 5: Social Structure...

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