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Bifurcate merging

Bifurcate merging - during sexual intercourse...

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Bifurcate merging – the term used for mother/mother’s sister are the same and the the term for father/father’s brother is the same. Iroquois – Bifurcate merging on both sides. People focused on lineage membership opposed to nuclear family. Hawaiian System – (generational) – Large extended family on both sides. Bilateral. Ambilocal – Couple decides whether to live by husband’s family or wife’s family. Sudanese – (descriptive system) – There are specific names for EACH relative in lineage (ex. 1-20 demonstration). Rare system GENDER Sex – biological factor Gender – how we choose to portray ourselves. Hijira – Third gender Two Spirits (Berdeche) – Both masculine and feminine. Perform female role
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Unformatted text preview: during sexual intercourse. Medicalization – Take a process/body state, find cure, & contain illness. Ex. Pregnancy has been medicalized b/c it is completely natural but is treated like a “condition”. Hegemony – power of society that makes you think a certain way about the world. Ex. Transvestites having to choose between male and female bathrooms and dealing with confrontation. “Either you’re a male or female, or you don’t pee.” Gender roles – performances or gender. Women wearing dresses is a gender role. Gender Ideology – myths/stories behind roles • Essentialism – idea that there is an essential difference between masculine and feminine. Ex: Genesis...
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