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healthcare paper4 - My uncle was a 43 year old Canadian...

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My uncle was a 43 year old Canadian citizen. One summer day he was playing catch with his son and began having chest pains. At first he figured it was just his old age, but the pain just wouldn’t go away. My uncle had to debate whether to go to a hospital in the United States or go to one in Canada. He decided to go to the emergency room in Toronto, Canada. He waited in the emergency room for hours before he was even seen. My uncle is an example of the problems Canadians face with there Healthcare system. With the presidential election coming up later this year, healthcare has become a hot issue. Many in America want a healthcare system much like the one Canada has. The goal of this paper is to explain the differences between the two systems. The Canadian healthcare system is what we would call a federally funded healthcare system. The majority of the financing for this system comes from its citizens in the form of taxes. That means that the working citizens not only pay for their own healthcare, but they also pay for the people who are unemployed because most unemployed people don’t have an income and don’t have to pay taxes. According to the Canadian Revenue Agency , a citizen in Canada pays an average of 23.12% in taxes on an income of $ 37,885. They have a progressive tax system just like the United States, so that number goes up with the amount of money they make. For example, a citizen could pay up to 46.95% on every dollar over $ 123,184 they make (Canadian Revenue Agency ). Since their system is financially supported by the government, Canadians will see a smaller out of pocket expense. Prescription drugs are a good example of this. The government is able to purchase these drugs at a bulk rate and often choose to get a much
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cheaper generic version of the drug. They are able to get generic versions of the drugs approved more quickly than in the U.S. because the government is the one buying them
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healthcare paper4 - My uncle was a 43 year old Canadian...

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