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Rifle types - Matt Foster Audience Exercise The first...

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Matt Foster Audience Exercise The first magazine I looked at was Sports Illustrated . Their advertisements seemed to be directed towards males between the ages of 18-50 and that like sports. The articles ranged from Football, basketball and NASCAR. These sports all happen to be male dominated. I counted 24 total advertisements, and 12 of them had a sports super-star on them. The socio-economic class the ads were targeting was middle class adults. They had Gatorade ads that focused on the cliché “drink this and be the hero of the game”, and had a picture of a sweaty Dwyane Wade. The magazine itself didn’t seem to gravitate towards anyone particular race; however I didn’t see a single Oriental person in the magazine. The second magazine I looked at was Men’s Health . This magazine is obviously targeted to men probably in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties. The magazine had a ton of 4 door luxury sedan ads, which gave me the impression it was targeted to a higher economic class than the
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