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RPTC - populated by mainly college students which would be...

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Dear Mr. Sager, My name is Matthew Foster, and today I voted in the Republican Primary in precinct 431. When I voted I was asked if I wanted to attend the convention later that night, and I of course said yes. I am 24 and veteran of the military, and this was my first time to vote in person in an election. I was told the convention would be at 815 PM. I got there at 8 Pm just to be early. I waited outside for over an hour and half with a few other republicans, but no republican judge or any member of the party to explain what was going on. I would like to think that my vote mattered to the Republican Party. At about 930 PM the Democrat Judge walked outside and told us that he didn’t have the packet and that he didn’t know where the republican judge was. I understand that the convention purpose was to select delegates, why weren’t we allowed to do that? Precinct 431 is
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Unformatted text preview: populated by mainly college students, which would be a great base for the Republican Party to build on. However, blowing off the convention and disenfranchising republicans is all you have really succeeded in today. I was truly excited to get to be apart of the process today, and get the chance to be a delegate and go on to the Convention on March 29 th . Instead I got to stand outside in the cold for a hour and half wondering what was going on. I think in the future you should look harder at selecting people for the precinct chair. I know my precinct isn’t the most republican, but our votes still count. I truly hope that you read this email and make the necessary corrections for the better of the party. Thank you. Sincerely, Matthew Foster...
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