Assessment - Assessment I. Psychological Assessment...

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Assessment 1/4 I. Psychological Assessment Clinical Assessment 0. Idiographic 0. understanding a single person 0. nomothetic: understanding general “laws” of behavior that apply to most people 1. Assessment 1. observations 2. clinical Interviews 3. tests Clinical Assessment – Concepts Standardized – Standardization – The process of establishing rules for administering a test & interpreting it’s scores. Involves establishing “norms” or descriptions of the frequencies at which particular scores occur. A. Structured v. unstructured interviews Clinical Assessment - Interviews 1. structured interviews - formal interviews that incorporate precisely worded questions with rules for how the interviewer should select the questions to be asked 4. Mental Status Exam 1. orientation to reality 0. the 4 spheres: person, place, time, situation 2. cognitive functioning 1. memory, thought processing, mood, etc. 2. 5. Diagnostic interview 3. complaints, symptoms, desired goals of therapy 3. semi-structured interviews- interview has a specific agenda BUT no format for what & how to ask. 4. Possible Errors: false positives - occur when one predicts a specific situation, such as a diagnosis, and the prediction is wrong. false negatives -
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Assessment - Assessment I. Psychological Assessment...

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