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I. Cultural influences in abnormality Problems: statistical deviance – Psychological distress – 1. Abnormality MUST be culturally defined – culture defines normal & abnormal Do def. of what is abnormal differ cross-culturally? How would this impact treatment? Matsumoto (1996) criticizes the traditional def. – that is that abnormality involves statistical deviance, impairment of everyday function, subjective stress & social deviance. WHY? These criteria are culturally relative. What is abnormal in India may be fine in the US. Ex/ talking with spirits – depending on cultural beliefs of supernatural intervention this would be considered normal or abnormal.
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Unformatted text preview: Lets say that you told us that God talks to you through your dog. Is that any crazier than God talking to Moses through a burning bush? No but 1 refers to a serial killer & the other to a biblical story. Mental disorder as maladaptive behavior 2. Origins of Abnormal Behavior: In western cultures the biopsychosocial model is dominant that is that abnormal behavior has 3 major aspects a. biological this includes nature & the nature / nurture interaction b. psychological this would be the individuals reactions to specific events & stimuli c. social or the influence of others on ones psychopathology....
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