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intro notes - An overview of Abnormal...

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An overview of Abnormal Behavior “Psychopathology includes a range of behavior…, consistent emotional or behavioral overreactions to life stresses, & disruption in thought Raulin argues that our ability to function is measured by our ability to adapt. This adaptation is in response to the demands of our Psychopathology places limits on our ability to adapt to different situations thus from an evolutionary perspective, psychopathology is maladaptive. I. An evolutionary Approach A. Evolution When we talk about evolution we talk about the process of change in frequency of specific genes within the population over many generations that produce change in the species & possibly a new species all together. B. Modern evolutionary theory begins w/ Darwin & his Origin of the Species (1859). Which posited 3 major propositions? 1) Variation – within a species there is variation among individuals. Source: genes – environment or gene-environment interaction. 2) Heredity – Some of this variation is inherited (parents pass on distinctive characteristics to their offspring – also includes species-
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typical environment. 3) Differential reproduction – Most of the offspring produced by animals do not survive to reproduce. Some individuals survive and produce more offspring as a consequence of their particular inherited characteristics. Natural Selection
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intro notes - An overview of Abnormal...

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