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Lehigh University January 23, 2008 Physics 21 Spring 2008 Home Work Assignment (5-6) Note: Solutions to the problems must be submitted on WileyPLUS (www.wileyplus.com). HW-5 due January 29 5-1. (HRW 24-7) An infinite nonconducting sheet has a surface charge density . (a) How much work is done by the electric field due to the sheet if a particle of charge q = +1.6×10 -19 C is moved from the sheet to a point P at distance d = 3.56 cm from the sheet? (b) If the electric potential V is defined to be zero on the sheet, what is V at P? 5-2. (HRW 24-13) What are (a) the charge and (b) the charge density on the surface of a conducting sphere of radius 0.15 m whose potential is 200 V (with V = 0 at infinity)? 5-3. (HRW 24-17) In Fig. 24-33, particles of the charges and are fixed in place with a separation of . With at infinity, what are the finite (a) positive and (b) negative values of x at which the net electric potential on the x axis is zero? FIGURE 24-33
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HomeworkAssignment(5-6)-01-23-08 - Lehigh University...

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