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theory examnotes2 - Public issues vs. private troubles The...

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Contemporary Social Theory Study Guide for Exam #2, April 3, 2008. Key theorists (you should be able to briefly summarize what they said about society, the key concepts they developed, etc.): Walter Benjamin Antonio Gramsci Talcott Parsons Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann C. Wright Mills Robert Bellah Erving Goffman Howard S. Becker George H. Mead Key concepts: “aura” Mechanical reproduction Functionalism Internalization/Externalization Conflict theory Symbolic interactionism “voluntaristic theory of action” Reification Public sociology The power elite Four American moral traditions (Biblical, Republican, utilitarian, expressive) Ideology Hegemony Dramaturgical theory of society- idea that society is like a drama, like a theatre and we are all performing a role. We are all playing ourselves in the movie of our lives. When we interact with people, it is like we are performing our lives. Looking-glass self Play vs. game stage Front stage vs. back stage (presentation of self)
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Unformatted text preview: Public issues vs. private troubles The sociological imagination Three sequential stages of “becoming a marijuana smoker” Essays: you will choose from one of these three options 1. Discuss why Walter Benjamin believed that the “aura” of art and culture tended to dissolve in the “age of mechanical reproduction.” What are the consequences of this dissolution of aura and why was Benjamin optimistic about it? 2. Compare and contrast two of the following theorists—Berger and Luckmann, Goffman, Mills, Mead, Parsons, and/or Bellah—with respect to how they theorized the relationship between the individual and society. 3. Discuss the three schools of thought that emerged from American sociologists in the post-war era: functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism. It will be especially important to explain what makes these theories different from one another....
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theory examnotes2 - Public issues vs. private troubles The...

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