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Taylor Brean March 13, 2008 Education in American Society with Field I Warriors Don’t Cry Book Review Warriors Don’t Cry is a non-fiction autobiography written by Melba Pattillo Beals in 1994. Melba recalls her accounts of the struggle to integrate Little Rock’s Central High School. As one of the nine African American students to integrate Little Rock, Melba faces many challenges, both mentally and physically. The book is organized in a series of chapters that progress chronologically, starting with her days before Central High and eventually her completing the school year. Melba’s detailed accounts illustrate the difficulties that African Americans faced to earn equality. Melba was born in 1941, in the early stages of the civil rights movement. Unaware of the impact that the segregation would have not only on her, but on the world, Melba decides to apply to go to Little Rock. She gets accepted and in 1957, she begins her torturous battle to make it through a whole school year. Right from the start it is difficult. The first day they are denied of going into the building because Governor Faubus calls the National Guard to keep the school segregated. However, they are soon allowed into the school and that is when their rollercoaster ride truly begins. Upon entering the school, Melba is greeted by multiple soldiers, including her own personal soldier named Danny. Danny is a quiet, young man and encourages Melba
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to be strong through all of her difficulties. His advice is essential to Melba as she faces difficulties everyday. Melba recalls chilling stories of torture from her fellow classmates.
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Warriors Dont Cry Summary - Taylor Brean Education in...

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