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James Shamrock Critique Paper Number 3 January 31, 2008 Amphibian Decline The presentation given on amphibian decline was presented by Dr. Peter Niewioroski. Amphibian decline is known as a global trend of shrinking and disappearing of amphibian populations. The presentation provided information to my fellow classmates and I on what controlling factors can have an impact on amphibian decline. I think Dr. Niewioroski best managed his time to provide us with the most information he could during his allotted time slot. I believe the presentation was very well organized. Also, I believe a PowerPoint presentation is the way to go when presenting information to a group. The presentation held my attention during the whole class period, I can account this to the questions being
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Unformatted text preview: asked during the presentation. I think this was a great idea to keep the class involved, these types of things help imbed information in my head so I can remember what was said about the topic. Dr. Niewioroski then described the process of how and why amphibian decline came about. From this presentation I now feel that amphibian decline is an important aspect to observe as humans. We are seeing a decline in amphibian birth rate, could this be an indicator of what is to come to our planet? These ideas need to be researched and experimented to ensure the same thing does not happen to our own species....
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