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James Shamrock Critique Paper Number 4 February 7, 2008 Total Joint Replacements The fourth presentation presented to our Natural Science class this semester was given by Mark Kovacik and covered the topic of total joint replacements of the human stature. Mark works in a Musculoskeletal Research Laboratory so he deals with this topic on an everyday basis and has much experience in his field of work. The main purpose of this presentation was to provide my classmates and I with a basic understanding of why a joint replacement might be used and also, the effectiveness of the total joint replacement equipment. I really enjoyed this presentation. Mark incorporated interaction throughout his whole presentation by asking the audience questions to keep them involved and also by providing numerous visual aids in showing how exactly the process works.
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Unformatted text preview: Osteoarthritis is the second leading disease in America, consumed of 21 million people, and occurs due to cartilage erosion from the joint of interest. As described, the pain from eroded cartilage can be overwhelming. I don’t understand why someone not needing the surgery would refuse it. I found it hard to believe that women tend to require more joint replacements then men, simply because men tend to be more active then women. Also, I find it hard to believe that insurance companies will pay for a joint replacement of a certain material, but could indeed have invested in a better material that could last longer. The demonstration of the knee replacement proved just how similar the replacement was to the actual design of the human knee....
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