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James Shamrock Critique Paper Number 5 March 6, 2008 Peregrine Falcons in our City Canyons After a few cancellations of class due to snow days and a holiday, the fifth presentation in our Natural Science class was given by Damon Greer and dealt with Peregrine falcons that were introduced into the Akron area in the early 1990’s. I didn’t really see the reason to bring this bird to Ohio. First of all, there is no present guarantee that these birds ever did in fact inhabit our area, simply just that there migratory patterns followed across the state. I understand that the Peregrine falcon was considered extinct as of 1979 in the United States, but was there real benefit that comes from the birds having a habitat in Ohio. I think it would have seemed more reasonable to place these birds back into the
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Unformatted text preview: areas where we know they have lived during the past to ensure the survival of the species. Nonetheless, as Mr. Greer said each of the falcons are tagged and return almost every year, so the environment must be suitable for the bird. I found it very interesting how territorial the Peregrine falcon actually could be in a threatened situation. Overall, I just find the bird to be very unique from the description depicted by Mr. Greer. I wouldn’t even mind to go and see one. I forget where Mr. Greer said the birds were located. The good news for the falcon is the bird is coming off the endangered list this year and changed to a threatened species....
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