Notes1.25.07 - Masculine Thesis :-claim never...

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WRT205 1/25/07 Claim – A statement proposing an idea Good Qualities of a claim: -Supported by evidence (not really part of the claim) -Might be wrong (arguing/arguing against), (brings light to an issue), (CONTROVERSY!) -Tension strong verbs, opposing ideas “because” and “but” Thesis – a type of claim main claim of a whole paper THESIS TYPES: Static Thesis : -claim never changes -no counter arguments
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Unformatted text preview: Masculine Thesis :-claim never changes-counter arguments are WRONG! Feminine Thesis :-has a central claim-explores, more than asserts-sidetracks Journalistic Thesis :-broad specific-discusses counter-arguments ***Evolving Thesis : ***-claim changes-gets more specific-incorporates counter-arguments ***Most difficulty type of thesis, but also the focus for WRT205...
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Notes1.25.07 - Masculine Thesis :-claim never...

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