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Lehigh University January 7, 2008 Physics 21, Spring 2008 Home Work Assignment (1-2) Note: Solutions to the problems must be submitted on WileyPLUS (www.wileyplus.com). HW-1 due January 16 1-1. (HRW 21-3) A particle of charge is 12.0 cm distant from a second particle of charge . Calculate the magnitude of the electrostatic force between the particles. 1-2. (HRW 21-10) Three particles are fixed on an x axis. Particle 1 of charge is at , and particle 2 of charge is at . If their net electrostatic force on particle 3 of charge is to be zero, what must be the ratio when particle 3 is at (a) and (b) ? 1-3. (HRW 21-18) Two particles are fixed on an x axis. Particle 1 of charge is located at ; particle 2 of charge Q is located at . Particle 3 of charge magnitude is released from rest on the y axis at . What is the value of Q if the initial acceleration of particle 3 is in the positive direction of (a) the x axis and (b) the y axis? 1-4. (HRW 21-31) Calculate the number of coulombs of positive charge in of (neutral) water.
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