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X100 Key Words

X100 Key Words - X100 Key Words Time management basic...

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X100 Key Words Time management – basic management of time is the need to know what time it is and what’s on your agenda for the day. Qualification of candidate for promotion - Management style s Autocratic - Makes decisions alone - Intolerant of input from subordinates Democratic - Accepts input, feedback - Makes ultimate decision Free Rein or Laissez-Faire - Sets broad objectives - Minimal supervision - Decisions left to subordinates Situational - Gathers advice and makes decisions based on the current environment. Strategic planning – considers the vision of the leader and the organizational mission, and it lays the groundwork for the development of objectives and action plans. Levels of planning Vision – vision or dream of a future existence for an organization Mission Statement - Why the organization exists, What function it performs, Who the audience/target markets are, How it functions. Values
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