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Contemporary Art Notes Avant-garde: Minimalist art: 60s (same time as pop art) Marriage of reasons? Repitition to composition: principle determined by set of instructions/algorithm, strong and hand made component, painted in black leaving lines exposed, hand texture, combo of measuring/mechanical and hand painted with personal purpose; purpose to complete idea/come to conclusion: the end of what was begun. End = arbitrary and determined by dimentions of canvas and flatness; both material components Optical illusions, recession into space Left over from a way of reading representational painting guided by idea of rectangular canvas as a metaphor of window into world Why should a canvas be rectangular?? ? shape of canvas isn’t rectangular. shaped canvases. 4 put together (V shaped) literalist approach: what you see is what u see. Only see what is there/no hidden meaning/no self/ no expressive agenda only paint, line, and shape extreme formal/reductive quality agnes martin white flower, 1960 interested in a painting surface like a pattern interested in pattern itself like carpet/tapestries; brings a sensibility that arises from fabric arts relationship b/e border and field, repetitive qualities not trying to create illusion of fabric obleeves 1966 like white thread natural world=inspiration sense of non regularity (but not random); like nature, variety in uniformity sculpture: idea of unit, non hierarchical, impersonal expression Donald Judd Untitled 1967 7 identicle units placed in a distinct close relationship -geometry why 7?? No conclusion
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-challenge = finding the art. What separates it from AC duct work? Carl Andre Copper Magnesium Plain 1969 36 squares of metal, distinct, defined relationship -geometry -reverts to traditional forms but mocks them -elementary,building blocks De witt Wall Floorcase #1, 1976 White tubes, mathematical progression -geometry idea that art can be inexpressive; artists role they can design something but it can be made by someone else Equivalent 8, 1966 Fire bricks, arranged by 6’ by 2’ stack; 3 D rectangle unit, arbitrary, 120 bricks Seen as scandalous Not meant to have aesthetic quality Duchamp: granddad to many ideas in 60s, conceptual approach to art undermines ? Extreme divorce between concept and execution Monument for V totline? Made of light bulbs, deliberate reference to Russian sculptural art Totline = forbearer to abstract monument/expression 3/18/08 minimal sculpture: audience dependent, fried believed it was theatrically and performed itself in some way and needed an audience to complete its meeting. 4 squares? What makes it a work of art? It looks like manufactured boxes. Its in a gallery so that makes it a sculpture.
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Contemporary Art Notes - Contemporary Art Notes Avant-garde...

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