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QUIZ 9 1. Name some equipment used in construction surveys. GPS receiver, level, tape 2. How can you stake out a pipeline, when construction requires you to dig up the location where the pipeline will be placed? Use offsets 3. When staking out a building, you stretch strings over batter-boards. What is the purpose of the string? Show the outline of the building and when its directly above the slab it is precisely over the top of the form. Gives horizontal and vertical control.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What do “cut” and “fill” mean? Cut is the amount of material you plan on removing. Fill is the amount of material brought into make the desired grade. 5. Do surveyors actually layout single-family residences? Yes Bonus What is the purpose of a FFE survey? (Peter didn’t answer this question on this past quiz) LOOK IT UP SO WE ALL GET EXTRA POINTS!...
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