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QUIZ 6 1. What is a sounding? Depth measurement from the surface of water to the bottom. 2. What is a breakline? Topographical survey that deligates between 2 intersections thus promoting the same slope and a uniform grade. 3. Topographic surveys require two types of ground controls, what are they? Location Elevation 4.Normally to locate a point we measure an angle and a distance from a known line (two points) to the point we want to locate. How else can it be located? Answer with a
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Unformatted text preview: drawing. 1 2 3 5. Name the methods to collect and measure data to construct a topographic map. Elevation and distance. Grid radiation, planetable, GPS 6. Hydrographic surveys require two measurements to identify data points, what are they? Location depth sounding and measuring of the point of the sounding. 7. What type of information would be shown on each of the following maps? Cadastral- property ownership Land use- zoning...
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