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Page 1 of8 Write your name on the back of the last page Exam 3 – November 5, 2004 ANSI3423 – Animal Genetics (60) MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) After a region of DNA has been replicated, ________ removes the RNA primers. A) DNA polymerase II B) DNA polymerase III C) DNA primase D) DNA polymerase I E) DNA helicase 2) If two genes are not linked, then the expected phenotypic ratio resulting from a testcross would be A) 9:3:3:1. B) 3:1. C) 1:2:1. D) 1:1. E) 1:1:1:1. 3) In a molecule of DNA, hydrogen bonds form between A) adenine and uracil. B) adenine and cytosine. C) thymine and adenine. D) guanine and adenine. E) cytosine and thymine. 4) A polyploid cell in which all of the sets of chromosomes come from parents that are of the same species is a(n) A) autopolyploid. B) aneupolyploid. C) allopolyploid. D) triplopolyploid. 5) The number of purine molecules in a molecule of DNA is ________ the number of pyrimidines. A) less than B) equal to C) greater than 6) A trisomic human cell would contain how many chromosomes? A) 47 B) 45 C) 48 D) 46 7) A centi-Morgan is A) a measure of recombination frequency between linked genes. B) the number of nucleotides between two genes. C) 100 nucleotides. D) approximately equal to a centimeter. E) all of the above
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Page 2 of8 8) The genetic material of a virus may be A) single-stranded RNA. B) double-stranded DNA. C) single-stranded DNA. D) double-stranded RNA. E) all of the above 9) In the semiconservative model of DNA replication, progeny double helices consist of A) two new RNA strands. B) two parental DNA strands.
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exam%203%20_2004 - Write your name on the back of the last...

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