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AtmosPressds07 - for the pressure of the hydrogen gas H 2...

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DATA SHEET Date April 8, 2008 Name Shannon Polson Atmospheric Pressure Partner Justin Mass of Mg .040g Room Temp 23°C Room Temp 296K Water Vapor Pressure (See Table 1) 21.1mm Hg Volume H 2 41.61mL Volume H 2 .04162L Show your work for each of the calculations. Significant figures will be a great help here. 1. Determine the moles of Mg used in the experiment. Show all of your work clearly. (The atomic mass of the magnesium is located on the periodic table inside the front cover.) (.040g Mg*1 mol Mg)/24.31g Mg moles of Mg used: .0016moles Mg Be sure to check for significant figures here. The number of significant figures for the moles of Mg will be the same as the number of significant figures in the mass of Mg. 2. From your answer in #1, how many moles of H 2 did you capture in your experiment? Refer to Equation (1) if necessary. moles of hydrogen: .0016moles H 2 3. Now, using all of the experimental data and the Ideal Gas Law, PV = nRT, solve
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Unformatted text preview: for the pressure of the hydrogen gas, H 2 . Rearrange the formula to solve for P. (Show work, use units and dimensional analysis. All units should cancel except the unit for pressure. Remember significant figures.) [(.0016)*(.08205)((liter*atm)/(mol*K))(296K)]/.04162 liters= .93atm 4. This calculated pressure is in the units of atmospheres. Convert this pressure to mm Hg. (1 atm = 760 mm Hg) Show your work clearly and completely. (.93atm*760mm Hg)/1atm= 706.8 mm Hg 5. Using the vapor pressure of water at room temperature (Table I) and your calculated hydrogen gas pressure, compute the total atmospheric pressure. Remember, in order to add two values together, the units for both numbers need to be the same. Show your work and units! (727.9mm Hg*1atm)/760mm Hg Final atmospheric pressure .96atm (Units??)...
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