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Mark Sullivan Brad Lewis English 1213 January 23, 2008 Parental Control The world we live in can be repulsing, sick or even deadly. Some of our present day problems are in need of a solution. Many of the problems are results of violents acts we see. Parents sit next to their children as television shows and video games give them a sense of immortality. This everyday event of leisure is not expected to make great impacts in children’s lives though “aggressive behavior is linked to the amount of time children are allowed to play video games” (Norcia par. 3). There are numerous video games that can cause a negative impact on a child’s life but there are a few that have to potential to have a positive effect if a few points are made clear. The video game that unexpectedly made a positive influence in my life was Mortal Combat. Memories of the first time the game took me out of so called reality and take my total attention linger in my mind today still. Taking responsibility for their child, my parents were weary of letting me play the game which such concern is rare seen in most parents. This concern helped me realize the possible impact this game could have on my life. Even at my early age, the thought of trying one of the combat moves seen on
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Comp 2 Essay 1 - Mark Sullivan Brad Lewis English 1213...

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