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Chapter 2 Overton’s six main elements for exploration o Demand to explore o Choice of area o Journey o Report o Evaluation o Development/fully developed Palimpsest- Used to writ on, parchment, ink could be scraped off, “Read between the Lines,” Greek meaning “scraped again? Columbian Exchange- Thomas Hariot, sout trade, deisease hi, Verrazpno call native “bad people” Old World diseases- smallpox, measles, and influenza: commonplace also had effect Kensington stone- found in 1898, showed sings 8 Swedes and 22 Norweigens marked in 1362. 130 years before Columbus. Proved fraudulent L’Anse aux Meadows- In 1970, map he created before 1492 showed Vinland: Found in Newfoundland: Yale bought; questionable previous buyers Greenland settlements- Eric the Red; name to get followers; Norse communintes; East and West settlemeants; Greenladn settlements enabled discovery of North America Overton’s Theory- look up fuck head. There were explorers and discoverers
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