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Recitation Assignment 9

Recitation Assignment 9 - There can be a biological(genetic...

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Gloria Li November 27, 2007 Intro to Psychology Recitation Assignment 9 Describe the Diathesis-Stress model of psychological disorders. What are the implications of this model for knowing whether a person has a disorder? How is the notion of Diathesis-Stress similar to other models in psychology, such as Situationism and Gene x Environment interaction? The Diathesis-Stress model of psychological disorders is a diagnostic model that proposes a disorder may develop when an underlying vulnerability is coupled with a precipitating event.
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Unformatted text preview: There can be a biological (genetic predisposition) to a specific disorder, an environmental (childhood trauma) predisposition to a specific order. The vulnerability itself may not be enough to trigger mental illness but with the addition of a stressful circumstance it can. This implies that a person with a family tree of mental illness is more susceptible to mental illness than others. Like all aspects of psychology it is important to explore both the nature and nurture dynamics of mental disorder....
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