Ch1 - Ch.1 Introduction Table 1.1 Examples of Social...

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Ch.1: Introduction Table 1.1: Examples of Social Psychological Questions Social Perception : What affects the way we perceive ourselves and others? Social Influence : How do we influence each other? Social Interaction : What causes us to like, love, help, and hurt others? Applying Social Psychology : How does social psychology help us understand questions about law, business, and health? What is Social Psychology? Social Psychology : The scientific study of how individuals think, feel, and behave in regard to other people and how individual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are affected by other people. What does this mean??? Let’s look at each part of this definition: “Scientific Study” There are many different approaches to learning about human behavior. Social psychology relies on the scientific method. Scientific method involves: Systematic observation. Description. Measurement. “How Individuals Think, Feel, and Behave” Social psychology concerns a diverse set of topics. Focus is on the psychology of the individual. “Other People” Social psychology is unique because it emphasizes the social nature of individuals. “Other people” do not have to be real or present. Even the implied or imagined presence of others can have important effects on individuals. Figure 1.1:
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Ch1 - Ch.1 Introduction Table 1.1 Examples of Social...

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