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Poli 244 Final Prep - Poli 244 Theory War Cooperation...

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Poli 244 Theory War Cooperation   Globalization o Erosion of national sovereignty o Yet state as the primary actor shaping FP Proliferation o Realism – nuclear deterrence prevents conflict by means of MAD (mutual  assured destruction)…no contextual dependence  Stability/instability paradox (organizational theory/bureaucratic politics)  A requisite for successful nuclear deterrence: prevent preemptive  war  o India/Pakistan as exception to this ‘causality’  o Second strike capability Issue linkage as a means of cooperation (Keohane, Oye)  Intervention as a strategy used to end ethnic conflict  o External actions that influence that influence the domestic affairs of a sovereign  state  Military, non-military, economic sanction Realist explanation: balance-of-power, regional stability  arguments, security interests; spill-over effect  o Liberal: international organizations…cooperation is facilitated… legitimacy/credibility/burden-sharing
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Democratization as a pretext for intervention; one-size-fits all model does
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Poli 244 Final Prep - Poli 244 Theory War Cooperation...

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