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Gloria Li March 31 st 2008 WSII: Myths and Fables Prof. Lennox Response Paper: Psychoanalytical Criticism in Beginning Theory From reading this chapter in The Beginning Theory, I found that a lot of what Freud developed or explained has many associations with the fairy tales that we have read. Many Freudian theories can be used to decipher Greek myths as well. In The Great Fairy Tale Tradition, fairy tales from the section of Incestuous Fathers can be explained by Freud’s theory of displacement. Displacement occurs when one person or event is represented by another which is in some way linked or associated with it,
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Unformatted text preview: perhaps because of a similar-sounding word, or by some form of symbolic substitution. In these fairy tales, the father substitutes their daughter as their wives because they are physically similar in some way. Thus, their love has been displaced from the wife to the daughter. In Apollo and Daphne, the theory of displacement also applies. After Daphne transform into a tree by her own will, Apollo displaced his love into the tree. Because of the connection between Daphne and the tree (and because they were very similar looking), Daphne was symbolically represented by the tree....
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