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Gloria Li April 3, 2008 WSII: Myths and Fables Prof Lennox Reading Response: Feminist Criticism After reading the stories from The Great Fairy Tale Traditions on Bloodthirsty Husbands and the section on feminist criticism in Beginning Theory, the two topics seem to blend very well together. In the introduction of the Bloodthirsty Husbands fairy tales, there was a part that explained that sometimes, the outcome of the situation is blamed on the curiousity of the female character. If they weren’t as curious and listened to their husbands, being the obedient wife that they’re expected to be, then none of this unfortunate event would have happened. On the contrary though, Perrault uses the fairy tale to illustrate the opposite.
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Unformatted text preview: Instead of punishing the wife, he takes on a feminist point of view and kills off the husband. Through this, Perrault demonstrates the womens movement describe in Beginning Theory that was brought to attention by the classic books which had diagnosed the problem of womens inequality in society. The fairy tale Bluebeard is a perfect example of a literary criticism devoted to the unequal treatment given to women seeking education and alternatives to marriage and motherhood. Since the woman in the fairy is forced to marry Bluebeard because of her family, as a consequence, the marriage fails and the husband treated her poorly....
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