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RR- Great Fairy Tale Trad

RR- Great Fairy Tale Trad - these tasks He knew the thief...

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Gloria Li March 11, 2008 WSII: Myths and Fables Prof. Lennox Written Reflection For The Great Fairy Tale Tradition: Comparison Chart Plot Cassandrino the Thief The Master Thief The order of the Tasks and what they consist Cassandrino was asked by the magistrate to steal his bed, his horse then the priest. The thief was asked to steal the horse, the sheets from his bed and his wife’s wedding ring and the parson and the clerk from the church. The authority and their relation to the thief Cassandrino knows the magistrate personally. The magistrate is usually related to the legal/justice system. The count or the lord is the authority that tells the “master thief” to perform
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Unformatted text preview: these tasks. He knew the thief when the thief was still a baby and baptized him. He is only being lenient because of his relationship with the thief’s parents. The count or lord is often found in English societies. How the thief got the priest or clerk and parsons to get in the sack Cassandrino tricked the magistrate into the sack by making him believe that good things will happen if he gets in the bag. That he will go to heaven. The thief persuades the clerk and parson to get in the sack by scaring them and telling them that the world is coming to an end. Different methods, but just as successful!...
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