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RR- metamorphoses comparison chart

RR- metamorphoses comparison chart - He placd his hand and...

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Gloria Li February 17, 2008 WSII Myths and Fables Metamorphoses Comparison Chart From: Excerpt OVID- Loeb Classical Translation But even now in this new form Apollo loved her; and placing his hand upon the trunk, he felt the heart still fluttering beneath the bark. He embraced the branches as if human limbs, and pressed his lips upon the wood. Arthur Golding The tree to which his love was turned he could no less but love. And as he softly laid his hand upon the tender plant, Within the bark new overgrown he felt her heart yet pant. And, in his arms embracing fast her bought and ranches lithe, He proffered kisses to the tree; the tree did from him writhe. A.D. Melville And still Apollo loved her; on the trunk
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Unformatted text preview: He placd his hand and felt beneath the bark Her heart still beating held in his embrace Her branches, pressed his kisses on the wood; Yet from his kisses still the wood recoiled. Allen Mandel Baum And yet Apollo loves her still; he leans against The trunk; he feels the heart that beats beneath The new=made bark; within his arms he clasps The branches as if they were human limbs; And his lips kiss the wood, but still it shrinks From his embrace David Slavitt And this beauty Apollo still loved. His hand He placed on the trunk and felt the hart of the girl yet beating. He stroked her branchlike forearms and pressed his lips to The wood, Which shrank from his kisses still...
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