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Gloria Li February 27, 2008 WSII Myths and Fables Prof Lennox The Golden Ass Response Paper Fairy tale Explanation Cinderella There were three daughters in Cinderella. Only that in Cinderella, two daughters are “dumb with despair” and while only one is smart. In Cinderella, there is also one beautiful daughter who is left out and punished by her step mother through doing chores and other demeaning works. Arachne (Punishment for beauty by gods). Arachne was born into a humble family but she was an excellent weaver. Many compared her work to those of Athena who was known for her weaving skills. The goddess Athena heard about this and was jealous of her weaving. In the end, Arachne was turned into a spider. Both Psyche and Arachne was punished by the gods for traits that they were not responsible for (beauty and craftsmanship). Narcisus (Punishment for beauty by gods). Narcisus was a beautiful boy who was admired by many people. His beauty was famous (like Psyche’s) and people everywhere came to witness it for themselves.
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Unformatted text preview: Echo fell in love with him when she saw him but he rejected her love. In the end, Echo punished him by making him love himself, so he can never be loved back. Snow White Snow White is a beautiful girl who’s mother was threatened and jealous of her beauty. One day, when her mother was told by her mirror that Snow White’s beauty was greater than hers, she decided to take action. Her punishment was death through poisoning. In the end though, her knight in armor came to her rescue just like Psyche was rescued by Cupid from her death. The Little Mermaid The image of the ocean and Triton blowing his conch reminded me of a scene in The Little Mermaid. Although I don’t remember exactly which scene (I’m sure one near the end where he celebrates the marriage between Ariel and the Prince), it really gave me a Disney feeling. There was music too! Starts with “Once upon a time” Magjical element that no God can get hold of. Gods are no omnipotent. Jealousy Step sisters, Venus...
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